Get your youth back

Get your youth back
Get your youth back

Loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and pigmentation - a terrible dream of any woman. Of course, time cannot be stopped, but modern therapeutic and surgical methods allow you to suspend it a little. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation - the most widespread solution in cosmetology. It is aimed at restoring collagen - a protein that is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Over time, these properties are lost. To return them can be different ways.

Non-surgical methods - the fastest. They are aimed at the formation of natural new collagen. They include fractional laser rejuvenation and laser skin resurfacing. The laser affects the skin, while "beats" not a single beam, but a grid that penetrates and gently affects the collagen. Resurfacing, in turn, allows you to treat the upper layers of skin, remove dead skin, restoring cellular composition and improving the color, firmness and elasticity of facial skin.

Photorejuvenation uses intense light waves. It is considered one of the most gentle non-surgical methods. Cell regeneration, wrinkle smoothing, removal of age spots, rashes and capillary mesh is accomplished in the shortest possible time. More in-depth rejuvenation is called thermage. This is radiofrequency radiation that penetrates under the skin, raising the temperature of the cells, stimulating the renewal of collagen. A new, but already quite popular technique - ELOS technology. It combines the effects of high-frequency current and light pulses that penetrate deep enough into the skin and renew the collagen layer.

Often rejuvenation procedures are carried out with the help of injections of various preparations. The most iconic are hyaluronic acid, which "preserves" the skin, and Botox, which blocks facial expression muscles. Mesotherapy involves the use of certain vitamins (ascorbic or nicotinic acid, thiamine) and proteins (collagen, elastin), which are also injected subcutaneously.

Of course, the natural aging process can also be controlled by surgery. Standard methods are known to everyone. But in Switzerland there is a Klinik Professor Sailer (Klinik Professor Sailer) , which offers exclusive methods of the professor himself. The most interesting of them - reverse facelift. Its essence is to tighten not only the skin and subcutaneous layers. This method completely changes the approach to rejuvenation of the face undergoing age-related changes, as it makes it possible to obtain a long-lasting natural result without outwardly visible scars.

Reverse facelift requires in-depth knowledge of the bone structure of the skull. But this is exactly what the professor has been doing for more than 30 years. He is one of the most experienced specialists in the field of facial surgery - over 30,000 operations during his lifetime. Such an impressive list allowed Prof. Sailer to develop the aesthetic field as well. It was the surgeries that allowed him to utilize the knowledge of one field and transfer it to another. The idea is that in a reverse facelift, the patient's jaw should be moved slightly forward. This procedure allows the face to be resculpted. The skin tightens on its own. In addition, the second chin is gone, the corners of the lips are lifted, the neck line is opened.

Within a month there is a recovery period. This is not the easiest way to quickly look good, and such a thorough step requires consultation with the professor himself, who, among other things, finds out the reasons that prompt his patients to this operation. I guess this is professional ethics, which once again confirms that you are in the hands of a professional