Swiss Smile Dental Clinic

Swiss Smile Dental Clinic
Regardless of where you are in the world, a smile is worth a thousand words. The innovative concept of Swiss Smile and its extraordinary services, combined with excellent quality, have earned national and international awards. The Swiss Smile dental clinic in Switzerland is one of the best clinics in the network worldwide.

  • The well-being of our patients is paramount, especially in choosing treatment methods.
  • We offer a full range of dental services in our centers.
  • A wide range of procedures and operations means that even complex procedures have become standard.
  • Our specialists have undergone years of training in residency programs.
  • Our facilities are centrally located and easy to reach.
  • We offer convenient operating hours.
  • High-quality services and fair prices.
  • We offer the option of installment payments.
  • We continuously monitor and adjust our quality standards.

Your dental health is our competence | Swiss Smile Clinic.

Swiss Smile Clinic's goal is to treat, improve, and preserve the health of your teeth for many years, using only the most modern methods and materials.
Swiss Smile focuses on your personal needs and does so with a smile. Your trust is valued here, and you are considered part of the Swiss Smile family.
Treatment at Swiss Smile Clinic is not like at other places. Individual tasks are addressed along with your preferences. The clinic's specialists can accurately determine the cause of the condition and, in close collaboration with you, propose the best solution for your teeth.
Continuous professional development at the Swiss Smile Academy.

The high qualification of our staff is a crucial factor for Swiss Smile's success. For this reason, the company invests in professional development by providing internal continuing education courses at the Swiss Smile Academy.

The Swiss Smile Academy, led by Professor Dr. Christian Stappert and Dr. Olivier Schicht, a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, serves as a platform for internal training. It offers local education and facilitates the exchange of scientific information among Swiss Smile staff.

Swiss Smile welcomes internal development and also invites external guests to talk about the latest scientific developments. A review of the knowledge imparted is an important element of the philosophy and quality control at Swiss Smile. Regular events at the Swiss Smile Academy serve to maintain and continually improve the organization's high quality standards. Here they not only accumulate knowledge, but also they are happy to share it.