Obah Clinic

The private clinic Obach, founded in 1922, is the largest private hospital in the canton of Solothurn and enjoys an excellent reputation. It offers 65 beds and 4 operating rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The clinic has 42 accredited independent physicians who perform over 4,000 surgical procedures annually in its three operating rooms.

Priorities in the field:

Working together for the benefit of the patient, the actions and decisions of our staff are focused on one goal: the well-being of the patients we treat. Therefore, the daily work at Privatklinik Obach is dedicated solely to this idea.

5 guiding principles | Privatklinik Obach:

  • We specialize in the problem. We want every patient to receive a specialist and the best medical care of their choice. We admit only professionals to our hospital. In our work, we contribute to the advancement of medicine. Professional and personal development of all staff members is very important to us.
  • We enhance our qualifications. It is crucial for us to be able to help every patient. Our goal is individual service in a pleasant atmosphere. Joyfulness and friendliness must be conveyed to the patient. We consider the well-being and hospitality for you in every detail.
  • We work as one team. We are open to learning and find optimal solutions to problems.
  • We are strong. Our work must meet high standards, ensuring the quality of treatment. The future is a challenge that we want to overcome and become a new impetus for our development.
  • We are open to new ideas. Strong interpersonal relationships, excellent infrastructure, the seriousness of our intentions as a partner. Responsible thinking and coordinated actions of all staff members are the focus of our efforts.

We are doctors, we are a private clinic with traditions. Our managers create a cozy atmosphere for patients with love and care. Many feel connected to us because they or their children were born here. Patients, their relatives, guests, or staff of Privatklinik Obach feel at home here. Rest assured, you are in good hands.