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Clinique de Genolier Switzerland.
Founded in 1972, Clinique de Genolier is a flagship institution within the Swiss medical network. It is one of the largest private clinics in Switzerland, boasting 106 beds and a staff of 154 doctors. Situated in an exceptionally beautiful location at the foot of the Jura mountain range and near Geneva, the medical facilities are perched on a hill overlooking the lake, surrounded by forests and fields. The clinic offers breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc from its windows.

We offer:

  • Specialized and qualified medical care
  • Advanced technologies
  • Experienced medical teams
  • Top-notch hotel services
  • Assistance with visa arrangements

The Radiation Oncology Center at Clinique de Genolier is the first institution to offer intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), an innovative treatment for breast cancer. The clinic has earned a high reputation as a medical center where rapid and effective diagnosis and therapy of various diseases, including early-stage oncology, are carried out. oncology at the earliest stage.

Treatment Specialties:

The unique skin rejuvenation development called NESCENS.

The clinic also houses an outpatient center, Laboratoires Genolier, under the direction of Professor Jacques Prust. Professor Prust has developed a unique skin rejuvenation system based on molecular mechanisms. This achievement from Laboratoires Genolier is embodied in the NESCENS line of cosmetics.
The Anti-Aging Center will provide a comprehensive assessment of your health, identify factors contributing to aging, and help prevent the further development of conditions that lead to negative changes in the body.
Clinique Genolier has one of the best modern operating rooms in Europe, equipped with the latest innovations in medical technology, including telemedicine. The Genolier brand is well-known in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and in many foreign countries.

Accommodation Conditions | Clinique Genolier:

The clinic's infrastructure is no different from that of high-end Swiss hotels. Patients have access to comfortable, spacious rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities. All room categories offer magnificent views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps from their windows.