Ars Medica Clinic

Clinica Ars Medica is located 7 km north of Lugano. This is the best center in Ticino for orthopedic surgery and musculoskeletal traumatology. It offers patients access to advanced medical surgical techniques that combine orthopedic emergency care with radiology and physical therapy services.

Every year, Clinica Ars Medica performs over 3,600 surgical operations. The clinic employs 32 specialists.

«Patients are provided with highly specialized care in an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort in a setting that combines advanced technology and individual attention to each patient's needs. Everything is designed and aimed at ensuring the patient's speedy recovery.»

Fabio Casgnola

Director of Clinica Ars Medica

The model of collaboration among surgeons is based on the concept of in-depth preparation. This approach, which allows the concentration of specific skills within a limited group of surgeons, offers several advantages in terms of quality. The patient, therefore, directly benefits, and the time required for surgery is reduced.

Procedures | Clinica Ars Medica

The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment and provides ideal conditions for post-injury rehabilitation, including hydrotherapy treatments, therapeutic swimming courses, and respiratory exercises that have gained widespread recognition in the field of traumatology.

Clinic Infrastructure

  • 75 beds
  • 5 fully equipped operating rooms for arthroscopic surgery and prosthetics
  • Radiology and physiotherapy department with a therapeutic section
  • Swimming pool
  • Orthopedic emergency care service

In addition, the physiotherapy department is equipped with a fitness center where exercises are conducted under the guidance of a personal trainer to improve the mobility of injured limbs.