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Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Breast Aesthetic Surgery

Scientific Study of Facial Muscles and Wrinkle Treatment

Aesthetic Surgery After Trauma


Professor Gertrude M. Beer
Professor Gertrude M. Beer

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Professional experience

Doctor of Science in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Prof. Dr. Gertrude M . Beer), has been transforming people around him for almost 20 years. She brilliantly performed thousands of plastic surgeries in the best clinics in Switzerland and Austria. Gertrude Maria Beer is a leading plastic surgeon at the elite private Clinic Bethanien. Treatment under her leadership is structured this way: “You say what result you want to achieve. The professor chooses how best to do this.”

Main areas of activity:

  • Facial Aesthetic Surgery
  • Breast Aesthetic Surgery
  • Scientific Study of Facial Muscles and Wrinkle Treatment
  • Aesthetic Surgery After Trauma

Medical Practice | Professor Gertrude Maria Beer

1990 - 1997: Education as a specialist doctor and chief physician of plastic surgery in Feldkirch

1998 - 2005: Chief physician of the clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Zurich

2005 - 2009: Senior specialist physician in plastic surgery at the Bodensee Lindau Clinic

Since 2009: Private practice in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Zurich

«In my profession, the highest level of knowledge and reliability is of paramount importance to me. I strive to control everything, as it guarantees excellent results. I see that the same approach is taken by CorSwiss when organizing treatment in Switzerland. Planning and considering every detail is crucial for any endeavor in life. This kind of approach is trustworthy. I am confident».

Профессор Гертруде Мария Беер о CorSwiss

Dr. Beer practices all types of facial plastic surgery. Over the past five years, she has performed over 500 facelifts and conducts any breast shaping surgeries, including reduction and augmentation. She predicts results with exceptional accuracy, always performing the entire procedure from start to finish herself, closely monitoring and observing reactions, and continually overseeing the course of treatment, which eliminates any risk and failures in surgeries she participates in

In addition to her successful clinical practice, Professor Gertrude Maria Beer teaches at the University of Zurich and is the author of over 80 publications in international journals, mainly in the USA, and several dissertations. She has received honorary awards from leading global medical institutions for her scientific and clinical achievements. She is an honorary member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as well as medical organizations in Austria and Switzerland

45 лет, Irina
I used the services of CorSwiss and was pleased with the results. Julia from CorSwiss organized treatment in Switzerland for me and my husband and accompanied us throughout our stay. We both enjoyed it so much that we will turn to CorSwiss again next time.
Our entire family underwent diagnostics in Switzerland in March 2018, combining a skiing vacation with something beneficial. I wanted to have my husband checked, and our children also underwent a comprehensive examination at the Bethanien Clinic. Everything was excellent, and we were satisfied with both the service and the organization. Thank you, Corswiss, for the arrangement.