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Professor Christian Funk
Professor Christian Funk

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Professional experience

Medical practice

1990-1997 – Physician in Lucerne. Worked in the departments of hepatology and internal medicine in several leading Swiss hospitals (Bern, Zurich, Solothurn, Burgdorf).

1997 to 2011 – Bethanien Private Clinic

Since 2011, a joint medical practice of Dr. Funk and Dr. Helbling, specialists in internal medicine and gastroenterology.

«It's very right and great when an experienced medical professional handles the organization of your treatment. This allows you to always receive quality consultation and answers to any questions related to your health and treatment. Julia Dörr, one of the founders of the company, worked with me during difficult surgeries, and she is an excellent professional. It's hard to imagine a better candidate to turn to».

Professor Christian Funk about Corswiss

Among Dr. Funk's patients, there are many Russians. Russian patients often seek confirmation or clarification of a diagnosis made in Russia. Dr. Funk emphasizes the importance of developing connections with Russian doctors and clinics for post-operative monitoring and rehabilitation.

Dr. Christian Funk, PhD, is an honorary member of the Swiss Society of Gastroenterologists, the Society of Ultrasound Medicine, as well as the Swiss Society of Internal Medicine.

48 years old., Alena
In Moscow, I had poorly placed dental implants with unstable and unnatural-looking materials. I didn't want to take the risk for a second time, so I decided to seek proper dental care. CorSwiss organized my treatment at a prestigious clinic in Switzerland, in Zurich. It's the best dental clinic I've ever been to! Thank you so much!
Our entire family underwent diagnostics in Switzerland in March 2018, combining a skiing vacation with something beneficial. I wanted to have my husband checked, and our children also underwent a comprehensive examination at the Bethanien Clinic. Everything was excellent, and we were satisfied with both the service and the organization. Thank you, Corswiss, for the arrangement.