General surgery in Switzerland

General surgery in Switzerland

Surgery in Switzerland is synonymous with the highest level of professionalism among physicians, state-of-the-art equipment and surgical techniques, as well as comfortable accommodations in rooms that can be compared to five-star hotel suites. CorSwiss specializes in organizing surgical procedures of various complexities, ranging from appendectomies to extensive wound surgeries. In this field, we collaborate with leading private Swiss clinics, including Clinique de Genolier and Clinique Générale.


A section of medicine dedicated to the intensive treatment of common pathologies of all organ systems (emergency surgery). A specialist in general surgery has particularly in-depth knowledge of visceral surgery, traumatology and the treatment of frequent diseases (hernia, appendicitis).


  • Diseases of the chest and abdomen
  • Esophageal, stomach, duodenal, gallbladder, biliary, liver, pancreas, intestinal, lung, and thyroid pathologies
  • Hernias (internal and external)
  • Appendicitis
  • Extensive wounds

General surgery is a medical field that serves as the foundation for all other areas of modern surgery and is one of its most significant branches. Clinic specialists make enormous efforts to develop new techniques and improve traditional invasive methods of examination and treatment, aiming to make them as effective and safe as possible.


Преимущества хирургии в Швейцарии:

  • Высочайший профессионализм врачей: Швейцарские хирурги имеют многолетний опыт работы и проходят регулярную стажировку в лучших клиниках мира.
  • Modern equipment: В швейцарских клиниках используется самое современное оборудование для диагностики и лечения заболеваний.
  • Comfortable conditions of stay: Палаты в швейцарских клиниках оборудованы всем необходимым для комфортного пребывания пациентов.
  • Широкий спектр услуг: В Швейцарии можно пройти лечение практически любого хирургического заболевания.


CorSwiss — ваш надежный партнер в области хирургии:

Компания CorSwiss специализируется на организации лечения в Швейцарии. Мы поможем вам выбрать клинику и хирурга, а также возьмем на себя все организационные вопросы.