Neurosurgery in Switzerland

Neurosurgery in Switzerland

Neurosurgery in Switzerland is represented by a wide range of medical procedures, including urgent and planned brain surgeries. CorSwiss collaborates with many of Switzerland's leading neurosurgical centres in this area. These include: Privatklinik Bethanien, Clinique de Genolier, Clinique Générale, Privatklinik Lindberg, Clinique de Montchoisi, Clinica Sant'Anna, Clinica La Providence and Clinica Ars Medica.


A section of surgery dedicated to the treatment of abnormalities of the nervous system. Together with a neurologist, a neurosurgeon looks for the root cause of problems caused by disorders of the nervous system. He can use a surgical approach to treat brain and spinal cord tumours, cervical and lumbar intervertebral hernias, brain haemorrhage and is also involved in the surgical treatment of pain. This type of surgery has been enhanced through microsurgery where a microscope is used during surgeries. This technology makes the surgeries more precise and less traumatic.


  • Cranial and brain injuries and their consequences
  • Injuries to the brainstem, spinal cord, and spinal cord
  • Vascular diseases of the central nervous system
  • Pathologies of the spinal column and spinal cord
  • Congenital developmental anomalies of the nervous system
  • Benign and malignant oncological pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system

Neurosurgery at the Bethanien Clinic offers more and more opportunities to perform surgical interventions with a minimum degree of risk. The centres are equipped with the latest generation of high-precision medical equipment and devices, which, combined with the high professionalism of Swiss neurosurgeons, is an undoubted guarantee of effective treatment.


Our advantages

  • Access to one of the world's leading and most effective healthcare systems without the need for long waiting times
  • Competitive prices for high-quality medical services
  • Swiss Medical Network is recognized worldwide for its invaluable contribution to medical research, providing access to the most modern treatment methods
  • Treatment is provided in impeccable, well-organized medical facilities
  • Assistance in selecting a clinic and a treating doctor
  • Full support and assistance in Swiss visa processing


In addition to medical advances and highly qualified specialists, Bethanien offers a comfortable high-end hotel stay for patients and their families.