Hematology in Switzerland

Hematology in Switzerland

Haematology in Switzerland is characterised by a high level of medical expertise, advanced treatment methods and state-of-the-art equipment for the detection, monitoring and treatment of blood diseases. Thanks to its cooperation with the Swiss Medical Network, CorSwiss offers treatment in such specialised haematology centres as Privatklinik Bethanien, Clinica Sant'Anna, Clinique Générale, and Centres des Eaux-Vives.


The section of medicine dealing with blood, bone marrow, lymph nodes and related diseases. Blood diseases can occur due to damage to the main site of blood cell production, the bone marrow, or due to pathology affecting the blood cells themselves.

Haematology also deals with laboratory tests that involve taking blood to study its composition in terms of various blood cells and coagulation factors.


  • Coagulation disorders
  • Anaemia
  • Cancer (leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma)

Haematologists are doctors who see the patient "through the eyepiece of a microscope". Diagnosis requires a qualified haematologist and a well-equipped laboratory that meets all the standards of world medicine and whose staff are in close contact with clinicians - practicing oncologists / haematologists.


Our advantages

  • Modern laboratories
  • Comprehensive treatment
  • Treatment at any stage of the disease, from chemotherapy and surgical intervention to bone marrow transplantation options


Clinic Bethanien is a medical center equipped with advanced scientific and technical facilities for the diagnosis, treatment, or exclusion of hematological diseases.