CorSwiss - treatment in the best
clinics in Switzerland.

The company CorSwiss was established in 2013 with one goal in mind - to become a guide in the world of Swiss medicine. We provide consultations, arrange examinations, and treatment in the best clinics in Switzerland.

Julia Hartmann
Founder & Medical Director
Roman Hartmann
Founder & Chief Commercial Officer
Irina Gerber
Translator and patient support
Nina Gaugel
Written translation
Tsoran Ristich
Limousine service
Elena Bondarchuk
Content Manager
Vlad Zaritskiy
Customer Support Manager
Stanislav Klimenkov
SEO manager
Ekaterina Semenova
Marketing Manager

Why us?

We collaborate with the most reputable and modern clinical centers, and we understand the principles and mechanisms of the entire Swiss healthcare system from the inside. Our lead treatment specialist, Julia Hartmann, an orthopedic surgeon, has been practicing for many years at one of Zurich's finest private clinics, Bethanien. By turning to us, you will receive the most effective solutions to your medical needs. We provide a comprehensive approach, maximum comfort, and the best conditions during your stay in Swiss clinics.

Our advantages

We have provided consultations for over 300 clients and arranged treatment for 100 patients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. We assist in finding comfortable accommodations in our partner clinics for Russian-speaking residents of Europe. We develop an individual treatment plan for everyone who turns to us, guarantee a five-star level of service, consultations from doctors with professional experience in Swiss clinics, and absolute confidentiality.