Cheekbone implant

Cheekbone implant

Cheekbone implant

A beautiful face always stands out in a crowd. However, very few of us know exactly what the secret of attractiveness consists of! High cheekbones are an extremely important aesthetic feature. They are subconsciously perceived as attractive. Beautiful, high, contoured cheekbones give the face a charming expression with a hint of sex appeal.

Attractive, high cheekbones (zygomatic bone)

Cheekbone pads allow you to visually enhance sunken cheeks. A face with a flat midface and an oblong shape can be made much more attractive by raising the cheekbones.

The treatment takes place through the oral cavity, preventing the formation of outwardly visible scars

Overlay materials such as lyophilized cartilage or other biological materials accentuate the cheekbones. The size and position of the onlay on the cheekbone(s) is determined during a consultation with each patient on a strictly individual basis. All relevant factors are carefully evaluated, i.e. the anterior maxilla/cheekbone region, in the nasolabial fold area, the cheekbone body itself and the zygomatic arch. This differentiation is extremely important and often surgeons do not calculate this complex.

Permanent result

Because the treatment is performed through the oral cavity, there is no externally visible scarring. The treatment is performed under general anesthesia and is painless. In the postoperative period, there is only slight swelling, which usually goes away fairly quickly. The patient can subsequently return home. A long-lasting result is achieved.