Benefits of treatment in Switzerland

Benefits of treatment in Switzerland

Swiss medical and pharmaceutical science is world-class thanks to German meticulousness and care combined with technological advances.

Medical clinics in Switzerland use the most advanced techniques and improve them to provide the highest level of medical care. There is no field of medicine in which Swiss doctors at the forefront.

Treatment at the best Swiss clinics is preferred for the following reasons:

  • Utilization of advanced medical procedures in treatment. As soon as a new method is certified, it is immediately applied;
  • The level of equipment of the clinics. The most modern equipment and medications are used to provide medical services;
  • High level of professionalism of doctors. Highly qualified doctors trained in the leading German universities and with extensive practical experience in the leading Swiss clinics;
  • Conscientious medical staff. The patient's health and interests are paramount in the provision of services, so care is provided with care. 

 How to travel to clinics in Switzerland for treatment

Although today it is unproblematic for citizens of post-Soviet countries to travel to Switzerland for treatment, as citizens of the EU. However, we would not advise you to organize a trip on your own.

 If you do not know the language and the profile of a particular clinic, the process may take much longer. It is better to conclude a contract with an agency that provides services for finding a clinic and organizing treatment abroad. The contract should include the entire list of services provided, right down to airfare and accommodation. In addition to the cost of treatment in Switzerland, you should also know that the services of the agency are not free and you may have to pay additional fees.

herefore, if you are going to undergo treatment in Switzerland, you should use the services of companies such as CorSwissThe staff at CorSwiss will provide you with professional advice and will be in touch with you throughout your stay in Switzerland.

The clinics in Switzerland are the leading medical institutions in the world. Whether it is a university hospital or a private hospital, the level of medical care is always high. As an example, some Swiss clinics specialize in different areas of medicine:

Importantly, all clinics working with CorSwissare highly rated and fully certified in Europe.

Prices for treatment in Swiss hospitals

Prices for treatment in Switzerland are higher than average, but well in line with national rates. Therefore, patients can be sure that clinics are not interested in imposing unnecessary services on them in order to obtain a high price. Moreover, in most cases they start treatment after the final tariffs are announced and the patient pays 50% to 100% in advance.

The following factors influence the cost of treatment:

  • Reputation of the hospital;
  • Whether the hospital is a government hospital or not;
  • The diagnosis and conditions of a particular patient's stay in the hospital;
  • The type and level of care;
  • Availability and quality of previous diagnostic tests.


When choosing a clinic, it is also important to pay attention to the area in which the hospital is predominant.

If you are having difficulty choosing a clinic, CorSwiss would be happy to assist you.