Full body examination. How often should it be done, and how to choose the right clinic?

Full body examination. How often should it be done, and how to choose the right clinic?

Check-up — is a program for early disease detection. According to the World Health Organization's recommendations, such a medical examination should be done every year. The diagnostic program includes a comprehensive range of analyses and studies aimed at assessing your overall health. This approach can help avoid or identify potential diseases at an early stage. 

Where should you start examining your body? 

  • First and foremost, consult a general practitioner. If you don't have a family doctor, you can visit a laboratory that will recommend a suitable examination package based on your needs. 

  • After visiting the general practitioner, undergo blood and urine tests. Based on the results of these analyses, the doctor can assess the state of your health and the functioning of your internal organs. 

  • Additionally, consider getting a chest X-ray to check the condition of your lungs.

  • Visit a facility where electrocardiograms (ECG) are conducted to learn about the state of your heart. Doctors recommend undergoing this procedure at least once a year. 

  • If you've ever noticed a small swelling or a solid formation on your body that doesn't go away, be sure to consult a surgeon. This doctor will assess whether there is a risk to your health and recommend the appropriate treatment. 

  • Regularly check your vision with an ophthalmologist and visit a dentist at least once every six months. Women are also advised to undergo regular check-ups with a gynecologist, while men should see a urologist to check the health of their reproductive organs. 


Tips for choosing a clinic: 

  • Focus on the availability of the specialists you need when choosing a specific clinic. In selecting a particular specialist, inquire about their qualifications and experience.

  • The clinic's schedule or the specialist's availability can provide insights—highly sought-after and high-class specialists often have busy schedules and a steady stream of clients. 

  • Consider the cost of the examination. The price of services is an important factor, but be cautious about clinics offering suspiciously low prices to attract clients. The cost of similar services should not vary significantly when high-quality equipment and materials are used.

  • Consider the location of the clinic. Since a full body check-up will take some time, choose a clinic close to your home or workplace, as not everyone can afford to dedicate several hours to an examination. 

Perhaps the only drawback of a check-up is its relatively high cost. However, when viewed from another perspective, the value of health is infinitely higher. 

Remember that a comprehensive medical examination is much cheaper than examining each organ separately. Some clinics offer the concept of a "mini check-up,"where each organ system is examined based on the family doctor's recommendation if a malfunction is detected. 

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