Ophthalmology in Switzerland. Consultation of the best doctors

Ophthalmology in Switzerland. Consultation of the best doctors

Ophthalmology is a science that investigates and treats diseases of the eyeball, eyelids, lacrimal organs, conjunctiva and the surrounding fat and bone tissue (eye socket). To do this, ophthalmologists test visual acuity using special tables.

Specialist consultation 

At the first consultation, the ophthalmologist will listen to the patient's complaints about vision, and then conduct an examination: he will check the visual acuity, intraocular pressure and eye fundus. If necessary, they will recommend further examinations and consultations with therapists, neurologists, endocrinologists, etc. Then he will prescribe treatment. 

If the specialist identifies a disease or disorder, then in some cases he will select glasses for the patient, in other cases he will prescribe medication. In cases of trauma, glaucoma, cataracts, severe myopia or hyperopia, sometimes only surgery can help.

 Today, people experience high levels of visual stress in school and even earlier, which increases the prevalence of eye diseases. 

To keep your eyes healthy, detect pathologies and prescribe timely treatment, you need to regularly check your eyesight once a year.

Common eye diseases:

Blepharitis - is a condition in which the eyelids become inflamed. The eyelids become red, irritated and thickened. This is caused by infection or dermatitis (seborrheic eczema).

Contact dermatitis is inflammation of the skin of the eyelid, causing itching. It occurs more often after using a new type of product (soap, cosmetics) due to an allergic reaction. 

Thermal damage - prolonged sun exposure due to exposure of the eyes to ultraviolet rays can cause thermal damage or burns to the eyes. If there is no improvement after 24 hours, a doctor should be consulted. 

 Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva caused by infection. In conjunctivitis, the eyes itch, the eyelids stick together, and pus accumulates in the corners of the eyes. 

Dry eyes - redness and discomfort in the eyes. A very common condition in patients of different ages, associated with frequent exposure to televisions, computers and devices. 

Barley - acute inflammation of the sebum of the eye. The first sign of barley is a bumpy thickening of the eyelid. Barley is caused by the same bacteria that cause blepharitis. 

In Swiss clinics, projection equipment is used instead of outdated visual acuity tables, and electronic phoroptera are replacing simple diopter glasses. Ophthalmologists scan the visual system with fixation of the smallest features and distortions with the help of a unique device.

Reasons to see an ophthalmologist:

  • Blurred visual images;

  • decreased visual acuity;

  • visual distortion of surrounding objects;

  • sensation of flickering before the eyes, appearance of floating blurs;

  • iridescent circles, halos around light sources;

  • eye pain;

  • redness of the eyes;

  • dryness, sensation of a foreign body under the eyelids;

  • frequent lacrimation, all kinds of discharge from the eyes;

  • increased visual fatigue;

  • headache, discomfort when wearing glasses;

  • ophthalmologist

Specialist consultation ophthalmologist in Switzerland

Ophthalmologist Walter Kaiser has been working since 1987. His career spans 30 years. As a specialist physician he has been running his own practice since 1997 and also works as a doctor at the Chur Cantonal Hospital and cooperates with other Swiss and international ophthalmology clinics. 

Advantages of treatment in Switzerland:

  • Accurate diagnosis of your eye health and treatment according to your individual characteristics;

  • vision defects are corrected;

  • the knowledge and years of experience of a professional ophthalmologist;

  • the knowledge and years of experience of a professional ophthalmologist;