Main advantages of general surgery in Switzerland

Main advantages of general surgery in Switzerland

General surgery is the branch that deals with the surgical treatment of abdominal organs. It also specializes in treating diseases of the skin, soft tissues and other parts of the body.

General surgery takes on the most complex surgical tasks. If indicated and available, doctors use minimally invasive treatment methods with minimal physiological consequences and without unpleasant aesthetic consequences.

Each general surgery department in Switzerland employs only experienced and highly qualified doctors who use the latest international developments in their work.

The clinics are equipped with the latest high-precision and efficient equipment. This allows performing a full range of surgical interventions, including abdominal, laparoscopic, minimally invasive, endoscopic.

The main operations in general surgery are:

  • low-volume peripheral vascular surgery;

  • bariatric surgery (obesity surgery);

  • hemorrhoidectomy;

  • breast plastic surgery.

Experienced specialists perform minimally invasive surgeries, thanks to which patients are safely cured of malignant neoplasms of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, abdominal cavity, colon and rectum.

The main method used is laparoscopy, in which operations on internal organs are performed through small incisions in the skin (up to 1.5 cm) using a special device called a laparoscope. 

The main advantages of general surgery in Switzerland:

  • reduce the risk of complications, inflammation;

  • gentle impact on body tissues;

  • postoperative miniaturized scars;

  • increased patient safety;

  • greater range of motion - increased accuracy of manipulations;

  • high-resolution three-dimensional image makes it possible to see the smallest details inaccessible to the naked eye;

  • shorter rehabilitation time for the patient.

Do not hesitate to talk about the problems that bother you, as it can turn even a small problem into a critical condition. Initially, everything is solved with painless and minimally invasive methods. Modern general surgery offers many options to accomplish tasks of varying complexity.