Examination and treatment in Switzerland

Examination and treatment in Switzerland

We decided to collect in one article useful information for those who care about their health or want to understand how to do it correctly.

Our team is convinced that quality prevention and early detection of diseases will contribute to improving the overall health of the population. 

 We are convinced that quality prevention and early detection of diseases improves overall health.


The main recommendations in the body checkup:

The Ministry of Health recommends doing a body checkup once a year, even if you think you are healthy and everything is fine.

We think you know that some symptoms are simply ignored or not considered important, and then they develop into a serious illness. That is why it is recommended to visit your doctor once a year to check the condition of your body.


What tests should be carried out as part of the annual examination:

  • A general blood test with a white blood cell count is the first level of examination that will help your doctor understand the situation. It is important that your doctor collect information about how you are feeling. The patient interview and this test will allow for a proper assessment to decide on a course of action.
  • Urinalysis is also the first step of the examination, but is equally important. This test allows you to see the general condition of the urinary system and, depending on the results of the general blood test, determine the need for further investigations in this area.
  • Blood glucose: This indicator is now mandatory, since the incidence of diabetes in Ukraine is quite high. It is also indicated for overweight people and women who have given birth to children weighing more than 4.5 kg. Glucose levels are regularly checked if family members have diabetes.
  • Biochemical blood analysis is used for detailed diagnosis of the functioning of the internal organs of the body.
  • The analysis includes indicators that record the functioning of the liver and kidneys, as well as indicators of protein, carbohydrate and enzyme metabolism in the human body. At this stage of the examination it is possible to find the first deviations from the norm and quickly solve the problem.

In addition, this series of 4 tests is standard and necessary for the doctor to draw conclusions about the patient's condition and determine the need for more detailed examinatio

There is also a certain list of tests that the Ministry of Health recommends to be done every year.

This list includes:

  • liver and kidney function tests,
  • hormonal health,
  • inflammation screening
  • and hepatitis tests.

This list is enough to get a complete picture of how a person's major organs are functioning.

Now let's talk about people who are under control or have a genetic predisposition to develop certain diseases. This category of people should pay attention to additional test packages.



These tests are very popular today, because imbalances and deviations from the norm in these indicators can significantly affect the state of health. Therefore, creating a balance between these substances gives good results, which requires annual monitoring.

But when using these data, it is important to realize that the results should be evaluated by a doctor. In other words, if you have an abnormality in your calcium test (link), you should not take calcium right away. You need to understand why it happened and whether you need to use medication to correct the situation.



People who have a family member with cancer often want to monitor their health. So they add oncomarkers to their annual package. Sometimes general markers are added, and sometimes they are markers for specific organs: markers for breast, stomach, or lung cancer.


We encourage you to make a list of your health concerns and use it to create your annual checkup letter.
This logic has allowed many of our clients to regularly undergo quality medical checkups at the best clinics in Switzerland, without worrying about their own and their loved ones' health.
If you are considering a checkup or treatment in Switzerland, the Corswiss team can happily assist you.

With the Corswiss team.It doesn't matter, just remember to do your annual checkup. And stay healthy!