Medicine in Switzerland

Medicine in Switzerland

Treatment in Switzerland means highly qualified doctors, excellent care, modern clinics with excellent equipment and high quality service.

Clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers and private doctors in Switzerland do everything possible to prevent the development of diseases. Helping clients to optimize their lifestyle, maintain their health and fitness, and ensure a high quality of life - all this is considered one of the main tasks of most doctors. 

Swiss clinics are characterized by a balanced approach focused on maximum efficiency. It brings together teams of the best doctors of different specialties, from general practitioners to surgeons. They offer patients a high level of service and help them improve their quality of life.

Swiss clinics offer diagnostic programs of various lengths. The basic version can usually be completed in one day, while the extended program lasts up to three days.

The first examination usually includes general blood and urine tests, blood chemistry, ECG and ultrasound. If there are certain complaints or serious illnesses of relatives, specialized examinations may be performed: cardiological, gastroenterological, neurological, orthopedic, ENT or memory tests.

Elderly clients are recommended to undergo body composition and bone density measurements to assess the likelihood of fractures and prescribe preventive drug therapy.

Benefits of treatment in Switzerland

  •  Most clinics have a network of medical facilities throughout the country. The coordination center will help you find the best treatment options. The quality of treatment everywhere will be decent, because each clinic values its reputation.

  • Natural riches of Switzerland play an important role in rehabilitation: mountain landscapes, lakes, mild climate, fresh mountain air, thermal springs - all this contributes to recovery and relaxation.

  • Individualized care and support in Swiss clinics - there are 1-2 medical staff members for each patient. Accommodation is a superior room, with branded cosmetics and modern interior.

  • General diagnostics and examinations that help avoid medical errors or correct an existing diagnosis. They do not try to prescribe as many drugs as possible and use radical treatments. Here they try to prescribe only what is really necessary and avoid surgery if possible.

  • Innovative devices allow for an evaluation in half a day or more, depending on the diagnosis and analysis available.

Treatment in Switzerland is very effective and as pleasant as possible. The premises of clinics are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay within the walls of the medical center.

Restaurants and cafes offer first-class cuisine, adapted to the health and needs of the patient. If desired, friends and relatives of the patient can also stay with the patient in the clinic.

Private clinics in Switzerland try to adapt to their patients, their lifestyle, their habits, in general they do everything to make the patient feel at home, that is, safe.

Cost of treatment in Switzerland

Although Switzerland is considered a country with a high standard of living and not lower prices, the prices for treatment in this country are quite acceptable. It should be noted that the total cost of treatment in Switzerland consists not only of doctor's visits and certain interventions, but also of the cost of flight and accommodation in the country and fees for services.

The specific price is set individually and depends on many factors: the stage of the disease, age, genetic predisposition, the presence of concomitant diseases, as well as the category of the selected clinic.

CorSwiss  helps to find comfortable conditions of stay in our partner clinics for Russian-speaking residents of Europe. We develop an individual treatment plan for everyone who comes to us, guarantee a five-star level of service, consultations from doctors with professional experience in Swiss clinics and absolute confidentiality.