Cancer treatment in foreign clinics

Cancer treatment in foreign clinics

Cancer treatment abroad is becoming increasingly popular.
This is quite understandable, because every year more than 8 million people die from cancer, which is currently the second most common cause of death in the world.

For most clinics, oncology is a serious challenge, which many are already coping with admirably.


Today, international protocols have been developed to effectively treat all types of cancer, unique and effective devices are available, and body-sparing drugs have been developed.



Diagnosis is considered one of the most important stages in cancer treatment abroad.
Correct diagnosis, determination of the type of tumor, its size and location determines what treatment tactics will be used and how effective they will be.

Inaccurate diagnosis is the bane of medicine in developing countries. In contrast to these countries, the best clinics abroad practically do not make such mistakes.

According to medical tourism experts, every third patient from CIS countries comes abroad with an incorrect or inaccurate diagnosis, which is refuted by foreign doctors.


The problem is complex: lack of good equipment, new generation oncologic drugs, technologies, questionable competence of specialists due to lack of qualified personnel, etc.

Therefore, more and more people choose treatment abroad, in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Israel. 

Clinics in Switzerland, for example, have more advanced technologies and equipment for cancer diagnostics, which allow to detect cancer at an early stage and make an accurate diagnosis.
In addition, modern technologies make it possible to do tests such as the test for circulating tumor cells in the blood - CTC - now known worldwide. With just one blood sample, specialists can detect cancer already at the so-called "zero stage".


The patient does not even need to come to the clinic for this; the blood sample can be delivered by a special delivery service. Such tests have long been used individuals in Switzerland

An undoubted advantage of cancer treatment abroad is the speed of examination: the patient receives all diagnoses within about 24 hours, and a few days later - a treatment plan developed on the basis of the examination results.



Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and oncologic surgery have been used in the treatment of cancer for many years. Today, however, these methods are radically different from those of the past or from those still used in less developed countries.

In 2022, methods that seemed fantastic 10 years ago are already being used to treat cancer in clinics in Switzerland.

These include stem cell therapy, the use of targeted drugs (biological and immunological), brachytherapy, tomotherapy and more.

For example, chemotherapy protocols have become more sensitive, as have the drugs themselves.


There are new radiotherapy and radiosurgery devices that require fewer radiation cycles, are highly precise and safe for healthy tissue. These include Novalis, Trubim, Gamma Knife, CyberKnife, NanoKnife, Elekta and others.

Surgical techniques have also changed. Minimally invasive interventional techniques are at the forefront of cancer treatment abroad, and organ-preserving surgeries are favored whenever possible.



Everyone knows that Israel and Switzerland are considered leaders in the field of medicine. Cancer treatment is no exception.

The equipment described above is available at leading facilities in these countries, as are FOCUS-rated doctors who are internationally and nationally recognized in the field of medicine.

When choosing a country for oncology treatment, it is worth paying special attention to the clinic and the doctor who will guide the patient through the most difficult stages of the disease.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

If you need advice in choosing a clinic, we will be happy to help and advise you.