Dermatology is a beautiful part of medicine

Dermatology is a beautiful part of medicine

Dermatology is a branch of medicine that studies the structure and functions of the skin, and is also engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various skin diseases.

Dermatologic diseases have attracted special attention of healers and doctors of all times and peoples. In addition, skin diseases are rarely an independent pathology. Most often, disorders in the body accompany external manifestations, and therefore are of great importance in the diagnosis and treatment of serious general diseases.

Skin diseases have different etiologies and are divided into:

  • allergic - a consequence of the action of allergens;

  • inflammatory - associated with various internal and external pathologies, skin lesions;

  • fungal - resulting from skin lesions caused by microscopic fungi;

  • infectious - a consequence of a viral infection - measles, rubella or a bacterial infection such as scarlatina;

  • diffuse, which is related to the functioning of the immune system and the work of internal organs.


The causes of skin diseases vary:

  • Untreated allergies;

  • constant stress;

  • improper diet - heavy, fried and spicy foods with lots of sugar;

  • lack of personal hygiene;

  • working conditions (working with chemical and potentially dangerous substances);

  • Living in an environmentally dirty neighborhood.

Consultation of a dermatologist at the medical center begins with a conversation. The specialist studies the patient's medical history and complaints in order to make a complete clinical picture, allowing to make the correct diagnosis and begin therapeutic measures.

The specialist must know the presence of allergies, peculiarities of work, habits, living conditions of the patient and contacts that took place with the sick person.

Often in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease requires the participation of related specialists: gynecologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, infectious disease specialists and others. If necessary, the possibilities of cosmetics are used in certain therapeutic phases, because the aesthetic effect is important for the patient.

The efficiency rates in dermatological centers in Switzerland are very high. Therefore, even with chronic diseases, medical tourists who forget their disease for a long time during treatment in Switzerland have a much better chance of going into remission.

The advantages of Swiss clinics start with absolutely accurate diagnoses. The high medical standard allows doctors to organize medical visits between doctors from distant medical facilities in complicated cases.

All dermatology centers in Switzerland conduct research so that the latest methods can be quickly and easily introduced into clinical practice.

Advantages of treatment in Switzerland:

  • examination by a dermatologist with many years of practical experience;

  • diagnosis of skin diseases on modern medical equipment;

  • pleasant conditions for doctor's apppleasant conditions for doctor's appointments and tests;ointments and tests;

  • if necessary, online consultation with a dermatologist;

  • use of scientifically based medical approaches when choosing treatment;

  • individual approach to each patient and his/her problem.